Afterburner -3pk. Disco Inferno-3pk.
    Afterburner -3pk.All Wired Up-3pk.Disco Inferno-3pk.

    Afterburner gets its name from the glowing underbody that pops no matter the lighting conditions. Give this fly a try and swing up some big browns on your next trip!!

    All wired up is out take on the classic brassie patten with a bit of flare thrown in. This highly effective fly features a special house made dubbing blend and Whiting farms brahma hen cape for tons of movement.


    The disco inferno is a culmimnation of days upon days spent on the watger swinging flies on trout spey and single hand spey rigs for trout. This fly combines some of the best atributes of spey flies and soft hackles.




    Pit Boss Crayfish-3pk.
    Pit Boss Crayfish-3pk.Rock Bottom Sculpin-3pk.Unholy One 3pk

    The pit boss is a very impressionistic craw that still packs all the features trout, bass or carp will fall for. Twitch it, strip it or dead drift it they will eat!!!!

    The rock bottom sculpin is our personal sculpin of choice for every streamner outing. This little guy is on a super sharp Firehole hook and utilizes a flymen sculpin helmet to get it down. The tail from Whiting farms Chikabou has amazing movement...

    This bug is a great answer for the angler looking to fisha fly on the downstream swing using single hand spey ot trout spey techniques. The unholy one combines all the best elements of the classic hare's ear, soft hackle and emerger into one great bug.




    Bottom Dweller 3pk
    Bottom Dweller 3pkHare'e Hen 3pkHidden Treasure 3pk

    The bottom dweller is the perfect fly when your searching for smallouth or largemouth bass. This bass bug can imitate many things from a crayfish to a scuplin and more. Tied on a Gamakatsu B10s and featuring a hidden silicone fly tail. 

    The Hare'e Hen is our take on the classic hare's ear pattern but with some twists and turns. We start with an amazing firehole 839 hook and build from there using a brass bead hidden inside the fly. The classic tail has been replaced by some...

    The hidden treasure is a fly that lives up to its namesake. It is tied on a firehole klinkhammer style hook and features a clear bead with a colored core. The fly also conceals a collar of cdc inside its soft whiting 4Bhen hackle collar.... The...